5 Top Tips to Choose Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

5 top tips for choosing the best lashes for hooded eyes

5 Top Tips to Choose Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are the type of eye shape characterized by thicker eyelids, as there are additional skins around the areas between the brow bones and the eyelids. Hooded eyes can be a fantastic feature or characteristic you have for your facial appearance. However, hooded eyes can also give you specific challenges when you need to apply the eyelashes for them.

Many lashes in the market today might not be the best suit for hooded eyes. Thus, you will need to find the lashes best suited for your hooded eyes while providing you with the best comfort when wearing them. Here are the 5 top tips for choosing the best lashes for hooded eyes:

1. Softness and Comfort

With hooded eyes, applying eyelashes for it might feel uncomfortable, even more, when you need to wear the eyelashes all day or for a prolonged duration. This can be troublesome, as many eyelash products out there might not provide the level of comfort you need for your hooded eyes. Thus, it would be best if you used eyelashes with a unique design for hooded eyes. Also, the lashes should provide you with the softness and comfort you need when you wear them for an extended period.

For instance, lashes for hooded eyes often have a shorter length, as the shorter length will match the best with your eye shape. So, when choosing the eyelashes for hooded eyes, it’s best to go with the ones made of soft materials with shorter lengths, which will provide you with the most comfort when you wear them. Also, you should pick the ones with lightweight and soft lash fibers, as these eyelashes won’t cause any weighty feelings when wearing them.

2. Better Grips with Magnetic Eyelashes

Another option is for you to pick the eyelashes that use magnetic technology, such as magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliners. Magnetic eyelashes will be easier for you to apply, providing you with better grips for a long duration. The problem with many lashes for hooded eyes is that because hooded eyes have rougher eye features, many eyelashes can fall off fast when you wear them. You might not even realize it when some of your eyelashes fall off, even more so when you are active throughout the day.

The magnetic eyelashes will provide better overall grips for your hooded eyes, giving you a consistent look when you wear them during the day. You don’t need to worry that your eyelashes will fall off when you do various activities during the day. The tiny magnets will hold the lashes with the firmness that regular lashes can’t provide for you.

3. Lightweight Materials

Some eyelashes might feel heavy when you wear them, and for hooded eyes, wearing eyelashes with heavy materials might not be an excellent way to go. You will need to use lashes that have lightweight materials to ensure that your hooded eyes can “handle” the eyelashes throughout the day. Keep in mind that hooded eyes don’t go well with eyelashes made of heavy materials, as they might add more weight to your eyes, which means less comfort for you when you wear them.

Thus, choosing eyelashes that are too thick is not a good way to go for your hooded eyes. Yes, they might look stunning in some ways, but the thickness of the lashes will burden your natural eyelashes when you wear them. You shouldn’t wear eyelashes that are too thick and too heavy if you have hooded eyes.

4. Using the Natural-Looking Eyelashes for the More Natural Look for Your Appearance

There are various types of eyelashes you can find in the market today, and each eyelash will offer you different looks when you wear them. Some eyelashes might give you a slanted eyes appearance, while others might provide cat-shaped eyes. It’s good for you to have some variations when you wear your eyelashes. However, for hooded eyes, you should go with the natural eyelash type, as it will provide you with a more natural look for your eyes.

The natural-looking eyelashes will give your hooded eyes added natural beauty, which is perfect for most daily activities. You can wear natural eyelashes for almost any activity during the day or even at night. Natural eyelashes will always provide pure natural beauty for your eyes and blend with your eyelashes in the best way. Also, most natural eyelashes will have latex-free materials, so you don’t need to worry about getting any allergic reactions when you wear them.

5. Thickness and Length

Last but not least, the thickness and length of the eyelashes will also affect how you feel when you wear them on your hooded eyes. For the hooded eyes, you should pick the lashes that are thinner rather than thicker because thicker eyelashes can only weigh your natural eyelashes down when you wear them. It will not provide enough comfort when you wear them for a prolonged period. However, you can still wear thicker eyelashes if you only need to wear them for 1-2 hours.

Next, the length of your eyelashes can also affect how you look and feel when wearing them. The general rule is that you shouldn’t wear long eyelashes if you have hooded eyes because they will not match your look. You should wear shorter lashes, as they are perfect for complementing the look of your hooded eyes.

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