7 Best Ways to Find the Perfect Makeup Type for Your Face Shape

Best Ways to Find the Perfect Makeup Type for Your Face Shape

Best Ways to Find the Perfect Makeup Type for Your Face Shape

Putting on makeup on your face is not as simple as it looks. It would be best if you matched your makeup style with your facial shape to get the best results. Especially wearing a pair of high quality eyelashes or eyelash extensions. By doing this, you can improve the look on your face in the best way possible by keeping it look natural for you.

You don’t need to worry about applying too much makeup or an out-of-place makeup style if you can match your makeup with your face shape. This guide will help you learn the best ways to find the perfect makeup type for your facial appearance. You also can visit our blog page to get more makeup knowledge, eyelash knowledge and eyelash extension knowledge.

The Reasons for You to Apply Your Makeup According to Your Facial Shape

Why apply your makeup according to your facial shape? Here are the reasons for you to use your makeup according to your facial shape:

  • Get the best results from your makeup. By applying makeup according to your facial type, you can get the best results from the makeup, no matter the kind of makeup products you use. Your makeup won’t look out-of-place or strange, as it aligns with your face shape.
  • Your makeup will look just right. Some makeup styles might look strange or don’t look right when you wear them. Styling your makeup based on your facial shape will make it look just right, meaning that you won’t apply any funny lines or styles in your makeup that make you look uglier.
  • Keeping the natural look of your face. It’s best to keep your natural appearance when doing makeup for your face. The natural look of your face, added with the makeup style you apply, can bring you the most wonderful look possible. You can achieve this by using the perfect makeup type for your face shape.
  • Makeup styling without too much exaggeration. It’s also best to avoid exaggeration when applying makeup to your face. By matching your makeup style with your face shape, you can use the makeup style without too much embellishment. You can follow the lines of your eyebrows, the type of your cheeks, lips, and other parts of your face perfectly.
  • Look more elegant and beautiful with your makeup. The result you will get when you apply the makeup type that matches your facial shape is that you will look more elegant and beautiful with your makeup. You can’t achieve this type of elegance and beauty if you don’t follow your facial shape when you apply various makeup products to your face.

Finding the Perfect Makeup Type for Your Face Shape

It’s important for you to know about your face shape so that you can find the perfect makeup style for it. There are various types of face shapes, with around seven basic face shapes that most people will fit.

For each face shape, some makeup style suggestions can help you bring the best of your makeup to add more beauty to your face when you use it. Here are the seven best ways to find the perfect makeup type for your face shape:

1. Makeup Type for the Heart Face Shape

The heart face has the characteristics of a long facial shape, prominent cheekbones, and the cheekbones and forehead that are wider than your jawline. Sarah Hyland is an example of a celebrity with a heart face shape. Here are some makeup style recommendations for the heart face shape:

  • Use rounded eyebrows and subtle lines for your eyes to make your face look more natural. You can also add some highlighters under your brow bones.
  • You can add pink or red color for the lips to match it best with your strong cheekbones.
  • You can apply the matte blush on the cheeks with some highlighters to emphasize it.
Sarah Hyland

Note: You can also use a bronzer around your forehead to complete your look.

2. Makeup Type for the Round Face Shape

For the round face shape, Jennifer Lawrence is a celebrity you can look for to show her features. The round facial shape is almost the same as the square-type face but has softer sides. The round face shape has rounded chins with wide cheekbones. Here are some makeup style tips for round face shape:

  • It’s best to use the arched and high eyebrow style. You can add more definition to your face by applying smoky eyes to your makeup.
  • You can apply to contour and add the highlighter around the forehead area.
  • It’s best to use blushes around the apples of your cheeks and use bronzer around your facial edges. You can apply a highlighter for the higher parts of the cheeks to make some accentuation for it.
Jennifer Lawrence

Note: You can get creative with the makeup on your eyes and use dramatic eyelash extensions.

3. Makeup Type for the Square Face Shape

Angelina Jolie is an example of a celebrity that has a square-shaped face. Her typical facial shape has the characteristics of similar width and length, along with minimal curves and a sharp jawline. Here are some makeup tips for square face shape:

  • You can apply a thick eyebrow style with a soft arch, thick eyelashes and matching eyeshadow.
  • You can use a bronzer around your jawline and forehead area, along with some parts of your cheekbones. Use a highlighter around the top positions of your cheeks, along with the rosy cream blushes.
  • Applying soft pink lipstick and glossing to your lips will make them look more attractive.
Angelina Jolie

Note: To soften your facial features, you can use the soft and ethereal makeup style on your overall face.

4. Makeup Type for the Oval Face Shape

You can tell if someone has an oval-shaped face by looking at their forehead, which is smaller than their cheekbones. Here are some makeup tips for oval face shape:

  • Lining your lips before applying lipstick is best, and using soft angled eyebrows can make your face look prettier.
  • The blend of light-colored eyeshadow and darker tone colors can give the best details around your eyes.
  • A highlighter is best for the higher points around your facial areas.
Blake Lively

Note: Blake Lively is a celebrity that has an oval-shaped face.

5. Makeup Type for the Diamond Face Shape

Diamond face shape has many similarities to the heart face shape, with the difference being the narrower hairline. It has the characteristics of high cheekbones and pointed chins. Jennifer Lopez is an example celebrity that has a diamond-shaped face. Here are some makeup tips for diamond face shape:

  • Applying eyebrows with soft curves will be the best style for you to make a more delicate appearance.
  • You can put the highlighters around the higher points of your cheekbones and use the darker and lighter foundation shades around the entire face area.
  • It’s best for you to use light colors with natural shades for your lips.
Jennifer Lopez

Note: Blending your foundation around the jawline area can enhance your beautiful look.

6. Makeup Type for the Rectangular Face Shape

A rectangular or oblong face shape is the long version of the square face shape, meaning that you have a longer facial structure than its width. The whole of your face has the same approximate width, with your chin slightly curvy. Here are some makeup style recommendations for rectangular face shapes:

  • Use flat and long eyebrows, and use a bronzer on the curvy areas of your cheeks. You can also add a highlighter around the higher parts of the cheekbones right to the temple area.
  • You can apply various eyelash extensions to your eyes, which will always look good on your rectangular face shape.
  • Use a subtle pink shade for your lips, and avoid using a lip liner.
Sarah Jessica Parker

Note: Sarah Jessica Parker is a celebrity with a rectangular face shape.

7. Makeup Type for the Triangle Face Shape

The characteristics of the triangle face shape include a wide forehead with a narrower chin. Shailene Woodley is a celebrity that has a triangle facial shape. Here are some makeup style tips for triangle facial shape:

  • It’s best to use a blusher with light color around your cheekbones and toward your hairline.
  • Use contour around your jawline and the bottom part of your cheekbones.
  • It’s also best for you to highlight the temple area.
Shailene Woodley

Note: For the hairstyle, ponytails with the added volume on top will be the best combination for you, allowing you to look beautiful if you have a triangle face shape.


SHEWINCOSMETIC offer various eyelash and wig products. No matter what your facial shape, using the makeup style that matches your face shape will help you look the best in your makeup. You can improve your beautiful look even more with a good hairstyle and matching eyelash extensions. It’s also best to have some creativity in your makeup styles to make your personalized style that nobody else can have. If you have any confussions. Please contact us anytime you like, and don’t hesitated to ask for free samples. You are welcomed at SHEWIMCOSMETIC.

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