How to Clean Eyelash Extensions Using Lash Extension Shampoo?

Beautiful Girl Cleaning Eyelash Extensions with Lash Extension Shampoo

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions Using Lash Extension Shampoo?

It would be best to clean your eyelash extensions from time to time after doing a perfect classic eyelash extension style(You can visit our blog page to learn how to make class eyelash extension or learn some eyelash knowledge or eyelash extension knowledge). The right cleaning process is a good way to avoid any dirt or dead skin cells buildup around your eyes or the skin area surrounding them. However, don’t get careless when cleaning your lash extensions. It would help if you used the lash extension shampoo to clean your eyelash extensions correctly. Here’s how to clean your eyelash extensions using lash extension shampoo:

Pick the Right Lash Extension Shampoo

Right Lash Extension Shampoo to Clean Eyelash Extensions

There are various lash extension shampoo products from different brands you can find in the market today which use unique ingredients to help clean your lash extensions. However, with many ingredients used in the lash extension shampoo products, some ingredients might not be healthy for your eyes and skin when you use them. Some lash extension shampoos might contain ingredients that can irritate your skin or eyes, and it wouldn’t be best for you to use these lash extension shampoos.

To pick the right lash extension shampoo, you need to pick the one with sulfate-free ingredients, ensuring the product’s safety for your eyes and skin. You also need to pick the lash extension shampoo that will not weaken the adhesive for your eyelash extensions or even damage your eyelash extensions when you use it.

Follow the Right Cleaning Procedure

Don’t clean your eyelash extensions with careless movements. Remember, lash extensions can get very weak during the cleaning process, meaning they will be easier to fall off if you are not careful in cleaning them. First, you must get your eyelash extensions with water before using the lash extension shampoo. Then, you need to use the cleansing brush and apply a bit of the lash extension shampoo on the cleansing brush. Next, you will need to use the cleansing brush to clean your eyelash extensions with gentle movements.

Apply gentle movements to your eyelash extensions until you clean all parts of the eyelash extensions. Your eyelash extensions should be clean enough after you brush them for some time. Next, you need to rinse your lash extensions with water to clean all traces of the lash extension shampoo.

The Right Cleaning Procedure to Clean Eyelash Extensions

Drying Your Lash Extensions after Cleaning

After cleaning your eyelash extensions, you need to dry them right away. The best way to dry your eyelash extensions after cleaning is by using a lint-free towel. It would help if you patted your lash extensions with gentle movements to dry them. Please note that the use of a lint-free towel is essential, as it will not cause any damage to your lash extensions. Other towels might damage your lash extensions because they might have rough textures, which might brush off the lash extensions and cause them to fall off.

You can use a clean mascara wand to curl the lash extensions after cleaning and drying them. You can use the mascara wand to create the perfect curl for your eyelash extensions.

How to Dry Eyelash Extensions after Cleaning


Using the lash extension shampoo, you can clean your lash extensions without worrying about damaging them. You should pick the lash extension shampoo that won’t cause any irritation to your eyes and skin, and then use the proper procedure to clean your lash extensions. SHEWINCOSMETIC is a professional eyelash & wig manufacturer. You can contact us any time for free samples or ask any eyelash & wig questions. We are happy to hear from you.

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