How to Clean Eyelash Extensions?

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions?

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Applying eyelash extensions and making sure the glue will get sticky on your natural eyelashes are the first steps you must take. Good eyelash extensions could turn your standard appearance into a more fantastic look. However, the second step you need to do is to keep your incredible eye intact after applying the eyelash extensions. You need clean your eyelash extensions from time to time. Let’s learn about how to do it the right way.

Should You Clean Your Eyelash Extensions?

The short answer is yes. It would be best if you cleaned your eyelash extensions from time to time to get maximum comfort when you wear them. Lash extensions can get dirty, just like your natural eyelashes, so you will need to clean them using the cleaner designed for eyelash extensions. Cleaning your eyelash extensions should become your routine.

However, please remember that it’s important to avoid using oil-based products to clean your eyelash extensions. These weaken the adhesive on your lash extensions, making them fall off faster.

Using Oil-Free Lash Shampoo to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

You should use oil-free lash shampoo products to clean your eyelash extensions. These products can provide the best cleaning tools for your lash extensions without damaging them or making them fall off. You can choose from brands such as STACY, CICI, and MELAO. You can take a small amount of the oil-free lash shampoo and apply it to your eyelash extensions with gentle movements.

You will need to use a cleansing brush to apply the eyelash extension shampoo and then rinse them with water afterwards. Next, you will need to use a lint-free towel to pat your lash extensions to dry them. Please note that using a lint-free towel is essential to avoid damaging your eyelash extensions when you dry them.

How Often Should You Clean Your Eyelash Extensions?

According to the beauty experts at Lash Lovers, you can clean your eyelash extensions at home daily, even more so if you have oily eyelids. The oily eyelids can get very uncomfortable when you wear eyelash extensions Cleaning your lash extensions can give a sense of refreshment and comfort around your eyelids. However, please note that you must not wash your eyelash extensions within 48 hours of applying them. It might remove the glue from your lash extensions and make them fall off faster.

You must wait 48 hours to wash your eyelash extensions with the oil-free lash shampoo. Keep your lash extensions and the area around your eyes clean and free from dirt, makeup, dead skin cells, and oil. It would help if you made a routine to clean your eyelash extensions every morning or night, depending on your preferences and current circumstances.


It would be best to keep your eyelash extensions clean, so you will always feel comfortable wearing them throughout the day. Using the best oil-free lash extension shampoo for your eyelash extensions can help minimize the risks of irritation and other problems during the cleaning process. They are healthy for your daily use. You can also visit our blog page to learn some eyelash knowledge and eyelash extension knowledge. Knowing how to remove eyelash extensions, and how to remove remaining glue on your eyelash. You can always contact us for free samples and ask any makeup questions you had.

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