How to Remove False Eyelash Glue?

How to Remove False Eyelash Glue?

How to Remove False Eyelash Glue?

You can make yourself look more beautiful by applying the right makeup, doing your hair, wearing fashionable apparel, and so on. One of the best things you can do to improve your beautiful appearance is wearing false eyelashes.

However, wearing false eyelashes comes with complicated steps, such as applying and removing the false eyelash glue, which can get very sticky and difficult to remove later. You can also visit our blog page to learn how to remove eyelash extension glue. For some people, it can get complicated to do. Here’s how you can remove false eyelash glue the right way.

Precautions Before Removing Your False Eyelash Glue

Please note that while you can wear the same false eyelashes for 25-30times, depending on the lash quality, you need to remove the false eyelash glue daily. It’s best for you to remove your false eyelash glue at night, and you can reapply the glue again in the morning. The false eyelash glue will often come in a small package, allowing you to apply it with eyelashes.

Mink eyelash with eyelash gule and eyelash brush set

The steps to remove your false eyelash glue might get complicated. Suppose you have too much glue sticking between the false eyelashes and your natural eyelashes, which makes them more difficult to remove. So, keep this in mind before removing your false eyelash glue.

Applying eyelash glue on mink eyelash

Steps to Remove Your False Eyelash Glue

The best way to remove your false eyelash glue is by using the lash glue remover product. Removing the false eyelash glue is a straightforward process. Still, sometimes, you must wait a few hours before removing the false eyelash glue after applying the lash glue remover.

Depending on how much glue you need to remove and the glue’s stickiness, you might need to repeat the process until all glue gets dissolved. Here are some steps to remove your false eyelash glue:

  • It’s best to remove your false eyelash glue before removing your makeup, as it will make it easier for you to work with the glue removal process.
  • You can use a makeup remover product or lash glue remover product to remove the glue on your false eyelashes. Use the cotton bud to apply the product around your false lashes.
  • You can also use your own cleaning solution, which you can create from warm water, soap, and some liquid makeup remover.
  • Peel off the false eyelashes in slow and gentle movements afterwards.
  • You can peel off the remaining glue around your eyelashes using a light brush or mascara.
  • Put your false eyelashes in the warm water mixture and brush off the remaining glue.
  • Let them dry so that you can apply them again the following day.
Remove mink eyelash with soft cotton pad

A Few Things to Avoid

There are some things you need to avoid when removing the self-adhesive glue from your false lashes. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Don’t use abrupt movements when removing your false eyelash.
  • Avoid forcing your false eyelashes off, as it might damage your natural eyelashes.
  • Avoid applying too much glue on your false eyelashes to prevent difficult glue removal later.
Rubbing eyes with false eyelash on could damage natural eyelash


Follow these steps to remove your false eyelash glue. Remember, it’s best for you to make it your daily routine to remove and reapply the glue for your false lashes. You can also use oil-based products to remove your eyelash glue, such as coconut oil, oil-based makeup remover, baby oil, etc.

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