5 Best Ways to Make Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Makeup Style With Eyelash Extensions

5 Best Ways to Make Classic Eyelash Extensions

Among the variety of eyelash extensions, the classic eyelash extension is perhaps the most difficult one you can apply to your eyes. Depending on your eye shape and other features, you can apply the classic eyelash extensions by choosing the different variations it offers. However, using the classic eyelash extensions is not a simple feat. Here are 5 best ways to make classic eyelash extensions:

1. Understanding Your Goal for Making the Classic Eyelash Extensions

When you apply eyelash extensions, whether it’s for the classic or any other type of eyelashes, it is something that you need to train. Yes, sometimes, eyelash extensions have their intricacies when you apply them, so you need to ensure that you are doing it correctly. The goal of using the classic eyelash extensions is to ensure that you can apply them most carefully on your natural eyelashes, so the classic eyelash extensions will stay on your natural eyelashes without falling off.

With the classic eyelash extension set, you will need to put one eyelash extension on just one of your natural eyelashes. You will glue each lash extension before applying it to your eyes, such as when you use it on your left eye and your right eye’s upper and lower eyelashes. You will need to do it with the utmost care, ensuring that the adhesive will grip the eyelash extension best on your natural eyelash. Also, you will need to avoid allergic reactions and other potential problems during the application process.

Makeup set for eyelash extensions

2. Preparing for the Classic Eyelash Extension Application

You will need to prepare a set of tools to apply for the classic eyelash extensions. These tools will help you wear the eyelash extensions best while minimizing the mistakes you might make during the application process. You will need to prepare some tools, such as eye pads, adhesive, hand sanitizer, tweezers, mascara wand, and many others. Prepare these tools in front of you, so you won’t need to look out for them when you need them.

To apply the classic eyelash extensions, you will need to sanitize your hands and ensure that the environment is also clean before wearing. Ensure you avoid allergic reactions and other skin or eye problems during your eyelash extension application. You will need to apply the eyelash extension one by one, using tweezers and eye pads when necessary.

Tools for making eyelash extensions

3. Best Practices for Making Classic Eyelash Extensions

The classic eyelash extensions are the type of lash extensions you need to apply with a manual method, requiring you to have some skills in the application process. For instance, you will need to ensure that the glue or adhesive you are using will spread around the lash extension’s surface so that you can apply it perfectly to your natural eyelash. Failing to spread the adhesive on the eyelash extension’s surface will only make it easy to fall off your eyes.

Also, you might need to use tweezers to correct the eyelash extension position when you apply it so that they will always sit in the correct position throughout your natural eyelashes. You will need to do this with utmost care throughout the application process. You might also need to use the mascara wand to brush the eyelash extension, so you can keep the lash extension tidy when you apply it.

Young Woman Making Classic Eyelash Extensions

4. Applying the Eyelash Adhesive in the Right Way

The eyelash adhesive is one of the most important parts of the classic eyelash extension set, and you need to apply the eyelash adhesive properly. Remember, the eyelash adhesive has its own expiration time. It will often be unusable and no longer provide a firm grip after a few weeks. So, use only fresh glue for your eyelash extensions to provide the best grip on your natural eyelashes.

When wearing the lash extension, you need to reapply the adhesive repeatedly to provide consistent grips for your natural eyelashes. Don’t just apply the glue on your eyelash extensions once. You will need to ensure that each part of the eyelash extension will get a fair amount of adhesive to provide the best grip for your natural eyelashes. Then, storing the cement in a cool and dry place would be best to avoid wearing off the glue. It will at least give you a few weeks of shelf life for the adhesive.

Applying the Eyelash Adhesive in the Right Way

5. Some Things to Avoid in the Classic Eyelash Extension Application

Applying the classic eyelash extension is something you need to do with carefulness and full attention. A wrong move can lead to an uneven lash extension application, which will look bad for you. The inconsistent application will require you to redo it repeatedly, which can be a waste of time. So, you should know things to avoid in the classic eyelash extension application. 

First, don’t use adhesive too much, but you also need to avoid using less glue for your eyelash extension. It can cause various problems for your natural eyelashes, such as damaging the natural eyelashes when you use too much glue on your lash extension. Second, sticking the classic eyelash extension on the skin instead of on the natural eyelashes could lead to allergic reactions and other unseen problems. And third, don’t put on the classic eyelash extensions that are too thick or too long if you have weak natural eyelashes, as it can burden and also damage your natural eyelashes from time to time. 

Some Things to Avoid in the Classic Eyelash Extension Application

Nevertheless, read our blogs to find out the nearest eyelash extension salon, learn some tips about how to remove the previous eyelash extensions and how to remove remaining eyelash extensions glue on your eyes.

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